Monday, April 12, 2010

Wall picture for your decorations

How to decorate your room with wall pictures

If you have dozens of different sized frames and pictures, tie them together by painting the frames all the same color. Black gives an elegant touch to any style deco. White is very fresh, and a bright color can be found in a contemporary design.
Furthermore, you have to look at unconventional items to use as wall art. A weathered piece of driftwood accents over a doorway, or an old wooded box can hang as a curio cabinet. Simple wooden blocks can be attached to the wall as candle holders or display shelves. Your child christening dress can be hung as memory art, or you can frame a piece of the triple size dress you loved while you were fattest while you were young.

Maybe you want the natural or plain wallpaper (just imagine twelve pencil color. You can mix up two or three color in one room for wallpaper or you might draw in one board which color suitable with your interest